Kids Yoga

Course description

Children and teenager from 3 to 16 years are warmly welcome to participate.

In kids and teens Yoga we explore in a very joyfully playful way the world of Hatha Yoga. These unites include storytelling, fantasy journeys, movement games, concentration, breathing exercises., creative and rest phases. We motivate the kids to practice Yoga by observing and trying out by themselves.

Kids and teens experience mindful self-awareness and respectful togetherness in the group without any pressure to perform. Yoga is a holistic learning concept for physical wellbeing, balance, fun and curiosity for more. The children will be classified in groups age-appropriated to reach an effective and specific advancement.


  • In Yoga children and teenagers experience holistic learning with all their senses
  • Fun and enjoyable practicing
  • In the Yoga Units children and teenagers learn to discover their bodies in a playful way, without any pressure
  • Improve physical self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Advancement of the personal and social level
  • In the “active” doing or relaxation children experience concentration and balance

All the offers are adjusted individually on the needs and wants of the participating children.

Duration 10 Units
Intensity 40 – 50 Min.
Period all year
Participant 9-15 kids
Place Kindergarten / school
Price 120,00 

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