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Dancing Kids

Course Description

Children and teenagers between 2 ½ and 12 years are warmly welcome to participate.

We dance to children’s song from all over the world, pop, jazz, soul, R n‘B and hip-hop. We choose appropriate, child-friendly popular music. Dancing is a wonderful activity for a healthy lifestyle. Dancing strengthens the body and trains the ability to concentrate, mind and self-confidence. Dance and music combined with play and singing are from a developmental-psychologically perspective beneficial for children and take up an important status as a cultural component. The identification with typical children’s songs and their cultural heritage is very important for the self-image and the integration of children.

All the offers are adjusted individually on the needs and wants of the participating kids.


  • Convey fun and joy of movement with music
  • Advancement of creative and social thinking
  • Increase of mobility, coordination skills and posture
  • Improvement of muscle flexibility and condition
Duration 10 units
Duration 45 – 50 Min.
Period all year
Participant 9-15 kids
Place kindergarten/school
Price 120,00 

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