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Let`s Move

Course Description

Children and teenagers between 2 ½ and 16 years are warmly welcome to participate.

In our Let’s Move classes we combine coordination, group games, running training, motor pedagogic, endurance, diverse sports and mobility with child-orientated games and methods in a holistic movement concept. The children experience in a young age how beneficial and vitalizing movement and sports is for our whole organism and the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

The children and teenagers develop their physical abilities with lots of fun and joy. The children will be classified in groups appropriate to age to reach an effective and specific advancement.


  • Fun and enjoyable physical movement
  • Recognizing the beneficial impact of movement and sports
  • Improvement of the gross and fine motor skills
  • Increase of mobility, coordination and body-awareness
  • Increase of body perception
  • Muscle development and condition
Duration 12 units
Duration 50 Min.
Period all year
Participant 7-13 kids
Place kindergarten/school
Price 126,00 

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