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Sound of Africa

Course Description

We drum with djembes (African drums) and use a range of percussion instruments to expand the sound. The children are introduced to music and rhythm in a playful way and experience a free use of creativity. Kids drumming is a way of music and movement education where melody, shape course, rhythm, expression and dynamic of music in movement is implemented.

The concept is based on a holistic, socio-pedagogically oriented training principle, where individual creativity and social behavior in the community is promoted through coordination and spatial control.


  • Fun and enjoyable learning
  • Development of new rhythmically creative elements / content without pressure and enforcement
  • Learning of syllabication
  • Improving coordination and concentration skills
  • Promotion of social skills through rhythm in all its facets
  • Experience of group dynamic processes
  • Recognize your own limits and expand them in a playful way
Duration 10 units
Period all year
Age 2 - 16 years
Participant 10-25 kids
Ort kindergarten/school
Price 130,00 

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